Müsli bars

Made a combo of two recipes last night, was in a need of something sweet but not sugar. These bars are sugar free.

For about 10 small bars/cookies

1 egg white/äggvita
0,5 dl agave syrup or honey
2,5 dl oats, used a mixed pack with oats/rye/barley (grynmix)
0,5 dl grated coconut (riven kokos)
2 msk cooking oil (matolja)
1 dl of mixed dried fruits ( raisins/dates/figs/apricots/cranberries etc)
3 msk sunflower seeds

Mix everything well, if you prefer use a food mixer (stavmixer/matberedare) and mix for a few minutes.
This time I only mixed everything together with a fork.
Place the mix on an uven plate covered with greaseproof paper and bake for roughly 15 minutes on 200 degrees.
When finished, cut into smaller pieces and enjoy.

No sugar , only natural sweetness from the dried fruits and the agave syrup, a natrual product from the cactus.
Esay peasy making, super tasty and healthy, you won't feel bad for having them,  I promise.


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